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21 Of The Best Honeymoons Destinations Around The World

The following are the best Honey Destinations famous among the couples.

1- Greece

The first place on the list of honeymoon destinations is Greece. If you are looking for a honeymoon place, then travel to Greece and make your way from Athens to Santorini. Also, add Rhodes to your list of must-visit places around Greece. The place which is fantastic around Athens is The Dinner in the Sky. You will absolutely love as it will be an adventurous dinner 40 feet above the ground level. You will be amazed to witness the beautiful sunset. The culture, beauty, history, food, and hospitality of the place is really unforgettable.

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2- Lundy Island

Plan a visit to the grid that is on Lundy Island in the UK‘s Bristol Channel. This is another romantic place for newly married couples. The plus point of visiting this place is that you will not find any Wi-Fi connection and phone signals and not even radio to enjoy the captivating sight in front of you. At this place, you will be free and very far away from all the tensions. Here you can enjoy the stunning and fantastic scenery and spend some quality time with your loved one.

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3- Africa

Another interesting yet adventurous option for married couples is to travel all across Africa through the train.  Rovos Rail is an excellent option for you if you want to travel across South Africa and to Victoria Falls. From there you can take a bus and travel to Zambia and then go to Tanzania using safari. If you have planned your trip to Africa on New Year than be ready to experience a wonderful evening in the Ngorongoro basin.

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4- Thailand

Do consider Krabi in Thailand as your honeymoon destination. If you have decided to visit this place, then divide your time and do go to the beautiful beaches and mind-blowing eateries there. This place is a complete honeymoon package for you, as you will have all things under one place. We guarantee that you will enjoy a great time with someone special.

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5- Scotland

Edinburgh in Scotland will add magic to your honeymoon. You can stay at Glasshouse and enjoy scrumptious food at The Witchery.  It is an ideal place for you to visit.

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6- Japan

Have you thought of Japan as your honeymoon destination? If not, then do consider it. Wear a backpack and travel all around Japan. With the hiking backpack on your shoulders, you can have an adventure-filled trip across Japan. Make your arrangements to stay in Japanese ryokans and enjoy the sushi you have always dreamed of.


7- Iceland

Another destination that can turn out to be memorable for you is Iceland. This is a chilly place, and you can plunge into the natural springs present there. The dip can turn out to be the highlight of your honeymoon trip. Do go and visit Reykjavik, you will not be disappointed with this fun-filled place. Enjoy the spectacular scenic beauty of this place. Do you want to explore more of this place? Then we have another great option for you. Blue Lagoon is a popular place in Iceland. Revel in the beauty of this place. It will be a remarkable experience for you.

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8- Venice

Venice is another place for newly married couples. It will be the best place for you if you travel there offseason.  You will feel as if you are roaming around a place that you have known for years. One advantage of planning this as your honeymoon destination is that you will find cheap hotels around here. You can easily have a table here even if you haven’t made any reservations and you will most probably not have to stand in a queue here to enjoy a wonderful meal. The whole place has a strange, lovely and romantic aura to it. The weather in the surrounding area is cool, so you have to pack some winter clothes with you if you are traveling to Italy. Do not forget to taste and enjoy Italian coffee.

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9- Australia

Australia is another place for people to visit. Of course, it is an exceptional place, but you have to bear an extended flight, to get to this place, but it will be worth it.  Once you travel across Australia, you will want to come back here again.

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10- Doolin

Are you thinking of Ireland as your honeymoon destination? Then we recommend you to hire a car to visit this place and do stop your car at Doolin; you will love it. This is a quiet, picturesque, and enchanting place. You will find a great pub food of the Irish origin here. Then take the same car and drive from Dublin then go to Blarney Castle and drive to Cliff of Moher and stop at Galway, you will love the journey.

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11- Seychelles


You can also take a trip to Seychelles. This is a place with different islands, and you will find this place away from the east African coast. You can stay at a significant resort at the Mahe island. Once you land on this island, enjoy street food, festivals and a breakfast buffet which is open-air that you can enjoy every morning during your stay there. Do not get tired when you are in this place as you have plenty of places to explore, so take a trip to the neighboring small islands and have fun with your loved one.

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12- Canada

If you are planning to go to Canada, then it will be a tough choice for you to pick among the City of Quebec and Tadoussac. So if you are unable to pick a place, then we suggest that you should visit both of these places. On the one hand, the city of Quebec is a romantic getaway for couples. They can take a walk through the windy lanes, munch you food at any place but our recommendation for you is to go and search for Mt. Morency Falls. While on the other hand, Tadoussac city is a charming rural area, with attractive landscapes that you can find right outside the national park built in the area. Sit somewhere quietly with your spouse and watch the whales there. Other activities for you to enjoy here is biking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking. Make your reservations in the renowned hotel or at the lovely B&B, which can turn out to be an amazing romantic getaway for couples.

13- Croatian Shore

You can also stroll across Brac’s beaches with white pebbles, which is an Island across the Croatian shore. If you visit this place at off-season time, then be ready to experience a silent and calm environment. And we assure you that you will be lost in the wonderful walks and bike rides that you take to move across the island.

Flickr: nsavch

14- Czech Republic

Take a trip to the Czech Republic and do visit Prague. You will be amazed at the sounds, architecture, and sights of this place. Prague is absolutely a romantic place. The places that are worth visiting here in Prague are its prehistoric buildings and bridges that look gothic. And when you are with your loved ones, then these breathtaking places will become more enchanting for you.

Flickr: pedrosz

15- Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora Island is another suggestion of the newly married couple to plan their honeymoon. Once you are in this place, then do enjoy bubbly in the beachfront bungalow. It is an amazing honeymoon destination that you can add in your list. This is one of the attractive places that you will ever visit. Do not forget jet skiing to make your trip memorable.


16- Mexico

Mexico is another one of the mind-blowing honeymoon places.  You can learn to cook tasty and scrumptious cuisine in Tepoztlan. Travelling to this place, you will get rid of the city’s flutter and scuttle. You will also witness the Tepozteco Mountain magnificent view.

Flickr: vastlk

17- Cape Town

 When you travel to Cape Town in South Africa, absorb the beauty of the place. What do we recommend you if you are in this place? Well, do go for safari and shark diving.

18- Fiji

If you are in Fiji for your honeymoon, then our suggested place for you is Turtle Island. Just relax and disentangle yourself from all the worries. It will turn out to be an amazing experience for you, and you will enjoy being in this place with your better-half.


19- Indonesia

Have you heard of Flores Island in Indonesia? Then we assure you that it will be the right place for your honeymoon. Once you step foot on this island, you can take a look at the Komodo Dragons in the area. There is a whole Komodo National Park where you can watch dragons in their full glory. Seraya Resort is the best place for you to stay in. You can also take boat trips, hike, and snorkel around the neighboring islands.

20- Hungary

Hungary, Split, and Budapest in Croatia is an ideal honeymoon spot for you. Budapest and Split are cities that have unbelievable character and history.

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21- Bahamas

Book a place for yourself on a cruise and set sail to the Bahamas. Enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest by eating, drinking banana daiquiris and pina Coladas and indulge in the charming sight of this island. Just relax under the warm sun and enjoy this trip with your spouse.

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These are the best places around the world that are specifically recommended for a honeymoon destination. Pick a place for your honeymoon among these places, and we promise you that you will have a wonderful time with your special one.



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