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18 Types Of Friends That Will Put A Question On The Authenticity Of This Relation

Friendship is a golden bond that can be your savior in ups and downs of life, but what happened when this pure bond become poisonous and suffocating? In this piece of writing, we are going to share some responses to question we ask people as when they actually realize that it’s time to put an end to their friendship? We find all of them authentic and plausible do let us know what your opinion is.

1- She Tried To Sabotage My Wedding

“She canceled the booking of my wedding hall only because she was annoyed about the fact that my wedding was planned very next day after her birthday. Seriously don’t need such friends anymore.”

2- Career Barriers

“They choose to put an end to our friendship because I want to move on with my career. I was offered a job in another state and was looking forward to it, but they both decided to move back home. Instead of encouraging e and motivating me for my career choice they started demotivating me and quoting Musical Hamilton which I was not a super fan of. We have this friendship for more than eight years, but when your friends try to drag you down because they are not moving up its time to move on from such friends.”

3- Sorry, But Not Sorry!

“We were hosting an engagement party dinner with some of our very close friends. And she came to the dinner with a friend that was stranger to all of us. That was not it as was Miss stranger’s birthday and we have to arrange a cake as well. Next day she called and asked me to apologize to her for being impolite and uncouth to her “friend.” But as far as I remember I was way more courteous and pleasant to her. When I remove her from my bride maids list, I was positive that I was doing the right thing.”

4- The Secret Spiller

“So I had this friend of mine who told everyone regarding my miscarriage. On confrontation, she acts innocent by saying that she thought everyone was aware. But the truth was I only share it with 2-3 people.”


5- The Freeloader

“Is that really a friendship if your friend only contacts you when she wants a ride? My friends were doing the same, and I was tolerating, but my patience comes to an end when one she ordered me to drop her to Walmart located just across the street. When I demand her to ask me if she wants a ride, she accuses me of being overly dramatic, and at that very moment, I knew that I was not going to see her again.”

6- The Scrounger

“She came over to my house for stay, eat my food, uses my Netflix and Amazon accounts, and still bitches behind my back that we are not friends anymore. Well, yeah thanks, moocher, you don’t deserve my friendship.”

7- The Non-Compassionate Bride

“I was going through one of the hardest times of my life with the recent breakup with an abusive ex, being jobless for 11 months, home prisoned for days in a row. One of my friends ask me to be her main of honor, but I was surely not up for that. She gets offended by my refusal and snubbed me for months. Although, I tried to be there for her on her birthday, guess what she did need me then, and after that, she suddenly appears and asks me to come with her to a concert. OH please stop with your insensitiveness and show little compassion towards mental trauma and illness bride.”


8- The Habitual Liar

“There is a limit to everything, and that friend of mine just don’t get it. He keeps on telling people stories that are crafted and outrageous to gain some pity. After some time, I figured out that it was too much to handle. The best lie which he told me was that he visited Japan and got so drunk that he got a lady pregnant. After that, he said to me that he was going back to take care of the child. But guess what he never did and when I ask when he will leave he said the girl died. Yeah, right we are all that dumb to believe you.”

9- She Hates My Pregnancy

“I was trying to conceive, and from the past two years, the doctors were of the view that I couldn’t conceive. But then I just did and when I told this great news to my friend instead of being happy she got angry. I couldn’t understand till date why she did that? “

10- The Instagram Freak:


“I was friends with an Instagram freak who want to hang out with me only to have pictures and post it to gain likes and comments. Even then she complains about me being a spoilsport how doesn’t know how to have fun? And every time someone better comes along, she left me behind waiting for her. We are not friends anymore, but when I see her posts on any social media, it makes me feel I made the right decision.”

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11- The Ungrateful Loser:

“I stay by her side during her tough time, by being caught up in abusive marriage, divorce, problematic children, and financial issues. I compensate her in every possible manner from watching over her dog to picking up her children. “

One day I found out that one of the children was taking my pictures while using the bathroom and she was aware of this whole thing from day one when I complain about it she said I was responsible for not being cautious.

12- The Payback Refuser:

“Our friendship ended with the money issues when I ask my so-called friends to pay back $100 she borrowed from me for a concert ticket. I texted her, asking for money and the next thing she did was to unfriend me and blocked me from everywhere. But you know what Bitch I am better off without you in my life.”

13- A Pathological Liar:

“I was driving back home when she texted me, and I could not reply her within two minutes. After that, she yelled and kept on telling people how insensitive I was toward her and how I hurt her feelings to get pity. All you people out there spot the pathological liar please.”


14- The Thief:

“My best friend and I decided to live in the same dorm while I got admission in college. But there he started stealing my belongings and then make me thought that I was the one who is not sane and crafting stories by myself. He also started telling other people that I was having severe mental issues and was a habitual liar. It was so convincing that I started doubting myself after some time. I quit that toxic relation for my good.”

15- The Homophobic Jerk

“It was a long time ago I have realized that my best friend and I were parting ways, but the incident that put this friendship to an end was when we went out to have some sushi, and out of nowhere he started passing homophobic and racist comments. After that, I was sure as hell that I couldn’t get along with this person anymore.”

16- The Backstabber

“She was involved in an extramarital affair with my husband, even when she knows that it could break a family. How can someone be so insensitive and selfish? I was not even able to confront her about this.”


17- The Copycat:

“We were good friends before I started noticing similarities that were not mere coincidence. She was copying each and everything to replicate my life. One day she appeared on my doorstep with her newly dyed hair and guess what color it was? Like mine. Not stopping there, she was wearing the satin pants the same that I repurchased a few days. Later I can to know that she got dropped out because of mental issues. But till date, when I learn about here through some common friends, I get pretty sure that she is still trying to duplicate my life. For example, having started her fertility treatment to have kids in months when I was going to have mine. I wish it were all a mere coincidence, but it is the bitter truth that I have to bear.”

18- The Nightmare

“I was in friend with this girl, but then her wedding date came, and she started acting weird. She even threatened me to expose me to my family. I still gathered the courage to talk to her family about this, and they threatened me as well saying that I was not participating in her marriage preparations and not giving her the proper attention.”

Do you have any such experience where you have to break up with a friend? If yes, then do let us know through commenting in the comment box.



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