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23 Pettiest Revenge People Have While In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is a roller coaster ride, there come many ups and downs along the road, and one has to overcome every obstacle to reach a happy ending. However, sometimes people do choose to do petty things while in a relationship and today we have gathered some of the prettiest of all times for you to read and entertain yourself.

1- Catholicism Time:

“My Bf use to occupy TV to watch his football game on every Sunday night. But he didn’t cognize of the fact that TV can be operated through my mobile and I use to keep on changing the channel right before a scoring shot to a catholic channel.”

2- The Spanish Breakup:

“I broke up with my ex, telling him the truth that I was not at all in love with him, I never was and that he was a complete jerk. But I said it all in Spanish, and he couldn’t understand a single word. But he enjoyed my accent saying that he liked it and found it sexy. After a few days, I break up with him in English.”

3- Which Team Do You Support?

“My husband is a hardcore fan of New Orleans Saints, so he bought himself a Joe horn jersey. One day we went through a heated discussion and right when he left I came to his closet with a sharpie and craft a “Y” on his Joe Horn jersey. After that, I forgot about it until one day when I receive his call that he chooses to wear his jersey to office sports day celebrations and everyone is giving him weird looks ever since. He couldn’t get it before, but then a colleague directed him towards the mirror, and he saw the quote.”

4- Cheesy Drawer:

“One day, my boyfriend was under trying my patience, so what I did was to buy lots of cheese and put it in his drawer. He did not remove it, and whenever I open that drawer, I laugh to my heart out.”

5- I Just Want It Badly:

“I want an apology from my husband for all the things he said and but never bothered to apologize for. So I went on crafting a story about him being mean towards me just for the sake of listening his apology.”

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6- Smelly Curtain Rods:

“Me and my ex-boyfriend use to live together. I went to my parents on thanksgiving and found out there that my bf changed his status to single. It was a clear signal that he was cheating on me. I was super angry and want to teach him a lesson. So what my awesome dad suggest me was to put some shrimps in the hollow curtain rods in our home and close them. I don’t know how it all end but I am pretty sure that for some time he cannot even think about bringing girls home.”

7- New Password:

“My boyfriend share my Netflix account. After our breakup I came to know he was still using it. So I wait for him to reach the end of the season and then changed my password.”

8- Movie Spoiler:

“My husband and I exchange some heated arguments and after that he walk out saying he has done talking and now going to watch movie. Since I was aware what movie he was going to watch to I search the movie spoilers and texted him while he was driving there. He came back shortly to describe what a complete asshole I was.  Still I enjoyed ruining his movie experience.”

9- Darwin Award:

“After I broke up with my boyfriend I went on submitting his name for the Darwin Awards for something dumb he did back during his high school days. It got accepted and I still have that book.”

10- The Petty Excuse:

“My ex was involved with other girls while in a relationship with me so I decided to catch him and bought burner phone. After that I download the dating app and made a fake account and got matched with him. We texted for a several days until we decided to meet. The day he was supposed to meet me I confronted him and to my wonder he straight on deny the whole thing and argued that it was not cheating as he never has sex with the fake person.” / Via

11- Savage Mother:

“My co-worker at work was having relationship problems as her then-boyfriend habitually cheat on her with her ex-girlfriend. She caught them red-handed while messing around in the car. One day he was out of town so his mother let her sneak into his apartment and to sabotage everything. To my surprise his mother was completely OK with all that.”

12- Farts Everywhere:


“I was in an on and off relationship with my ex and once we were moving towards the “on” thing I came to know that he was having affair with our school mate. What I did next was to took a picture with him and make it my profile picture ad later I requested the girl to add me. She saw the picture and cancel the request. After that she broke up with him. I also took his laptop and log on to his OKC account and change his whole information to be about one thing-“farts”.”

13- Free The Nipples:

“My boyfriend abuse me so I went to his closet and cut out nipples of all his t-shirts. Furthermore, I went up to broke all his CDs and place them under his pillow to let him find out all by himself.”

14- Boy Toy:

“I accidentally found out a screenshot in my boyfriend’s DMs where a girl showed him a glance of her contact list saving his name as “My Boy Toy.” I changed his background to be that screenshot and went to office.”

15- Little Lesson:

“Me and my current boyfriend once got into a heated conversation while out for a dinner. He got the last word so I decided to be little petty. When we arrived back home I messed up with his iPhone charger and also ate down all the leftover Popeye’s cookies next day he woke up to his phone completely out of charge. Now I am relieved, boy.”

Anthony Antonellis / Via

16- DIY Vest:

“My husband is a lazy bug and did not bother to read the labels while washing clothes. So, all the time I yell and cry for my clothes being ruined. So one day I took the chance and cut down one of his favorite sweatshirt into half. From then on, he make sure to read the labels before putting clothes in for washing.

17- Don’t Spread It:

“I have been married to my husband for 27 years but when we use to date there comes a point where we decided to take a break from this relationship. While we were on a break I witnessed him flirting in a party with some random girl. So I walked up to them and played nice lady. After that I told him that the doctor ask me to remind you to complete your antibiotic course to prevent spreading “it” to others. Still laugh about that together.”

18- Not Sorry:

“I was mad as hell on my BF, as he lied to me about something. So I decided to take revenge. I watched alone the complete episode of GOT, “Battles of Bastards” and while he was watching it I shout out from other room “Sansa is going to feed Ramsay to dogs”. He was in a state of shock and I still not sorry.”

19- Payback:

“I payback my ex, with $300 worth of half-dollars. I knew that the bank is not going to take them and coin counting machine don’t accept half dollars.”

20- Bagel Frisbee:

“We were having dinner when all of a sudden we got ourselves into a heated argument. I couldn’t thought of anything else to say back to my husband so I picked the bagel up from his plate and throw it off the balcony like a Frisbee.”

ABC / Via

21- Prom Night:

“While in high school my BF has a really horrible GF but she was nobody to me until he decided to attend her party where I was not invited. So, I invite over his smoking hot college friend for prom. I still find it the prettiest thing I ever have done. “

22- The Loser League:

“My ex was a big NBA aspirant but lose the skill a bit. He did not has any job and so I was paying for everything. One day asked me for $200+ to pay his fee in a D-League Camp. After he got the money he started acting weird and after that broke up saying that he want to concentrate on the game. So I called the camp management and ask for my money after few arguments I received my money and he got struck off the rooster. You rightfully deserve it ungrateful loser.”

23- Dumping Fountain:

“I caught my Ex, having affair with someone else while in a relationship with me so what I chose to do was to dump all his stuff in my campus Quad’s fountain. While I was doing that his brother saw me but he surprisingly was on my side saying “he deserved it”.”

emmagrayo / BuzzFeed Community

What the prettiest thing you have ever done while in a relationship? Do let us know by commenting in the comment box.



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