26 Seriously Useful Cleaning Gadgets Under $ 20

The following is a list of 26 useful cleaning gadgets that might solve your cleaning problems. Go through the following list and choose the products that suit your needs.

1- A Multipurpose brush:

Available at Amazon for $6.99.

 It is a multipurpose brush that can be useful for not only cleaning your leather and nude shoes, bags and tunics, but it can also wipe off watermarks. It is up to you to use this product to avoid any chemical cleaner or a spray.

2- An Easy To Install Kit:

Purchase the chlorine kit for $9.98 and the other kit is of $ 8.63.

This is a kit that can be installed easily and can be very beneficial for you. Get this product and clean your toilet every day. If you want to use chlorine cartridge or blue cartridges, then you do not need to worry as the system cannot damage your plastic and rubber tanks. However, if you prefer chlorine, then it will not damage your toilet tank. It is easy to use as it will take less time to install, and works perfect.

3- Blind Dusting Tool:

Available at Amazon for $ 7.99.

The blind dusting tool is semi-adjustable. This is made up of washable micro-fiber, and that will easily clean your car vents. Although this very product is not at all-electric, it can cut the time to dust your blinds to half. It is also available in five washable micro-fiber sleeves.

4- A Beautiful Pair Of Scrub Brushes:

Available At Amazon for $ 5.99.

Scrub brushes have got all your cleaning problems sorted. Whether you have deeply stuck grime, it can easily brush it off. In case you are thinking about how will you get these brushes, then simply go on Amazon there you will find this product in two colors.

5- Automatic Scrubbing Brush:

Available at Amazon for $19.62.

It is a big automatic scrubbing brush and can help you remove dirt from grout. You just have to move it forward and backward on the dirty, sticky, and stuck mess to scrub up.

6- Drain Millipede:

Available at Amazon for $5.28.

Drain Millipede is another product in the list that will extract all the gross choking up out of drains. It is the time to goodbye harsh chemical cleaners and welcome drain millipede. Its thousands of small teeth works to hook up hairs, and build ups and pull them out.

7- TubShroom:

Available at Amazon for$ 12.99.

TubShroom is another cleaning gadget that will solve your problem of clogging, goopy, and stuck hair issues. All you have to do is pull out all the hair from it instantly after you shower. Clean the shroom properly and put it at the tub’s corner to dry for about 2 seconds, so it does not gross itself. Amazon has this product and is available in six different colors. If you have flush drain or pop- up then go for OXO’s hair catcher, which is present on Amazon for $8.99.

8- Pumice Stone:

Available at Amazon for $7.99.

Pumice Stone is a product that is perfect to deal with hard water build-ups on your tubs and toilets. After the use of the product, you will get a nice and clean bathroom again.

9- Microfiber Duster Set:

Available at Amazon at $17.99.

Are you looking for a product that can clean all the dust away? Here comes Microfiber duster set which can remove all the dust from all kind of surfaces. This useful product comes in four pieces which include a handle which is extendable up to 24-49 inches, a handle with a short size with a firm grip, a duster which is fluffy (important for dusting places which are high). Also, with achenille which can be bent easily and a duster which is made of microfiber that holds and grabs the dirt and dust expertly.

10- Garbage Disposal Cleaning Brush:

Available at Amazon for $19.18.

This super product can be reused after disposing of all the junk that is collected underneath the rubber splash guard. It can also use to eliminate the junk stuck inside main disposer tank. So no more odor!

11- A Pet Hair-Removing Brush:

This brush is helpful in cleaning pet hair. A pet hair-removing brush comes with a casing where all the junk collects. Just slide it across the surface of your fabric and clean every small piece of shedding that your pets leave. You can easily clean this item by placing it inside the storage container. Empty the container where the hair is collected. Amazon has a list of brushes available in various sizes, like furniture-size brush for $19.99, and small-garment size brush are for $ 14.98.

12- Set of Drill Brushes:

Drill brush is another addition in this list as it cleans up all the grimy surfaces. It helps clean the grease which is cooked on the stove’s top or dirt accumulated on tiles and grout. However, make sure you only use drill brushes on the surfaces you think wouldn’t scratch down. Five bristle stiffness options is available on Amazon so that you can buy at $ 14.95+.

13- Flexible Gutter Scoop:

Available at Amazon for $8.08.

Here comes and extremely flexible gutter scoop which helps you to junk out the gutters in less time, without a lot of efforts. Yes, now cleaning jam-packed greasy build up easily.

14- Lidded Bath:

Available at Amazon for $ 9.99.


This lidded bath is the ideal for cleaning every corner of the retainer, dentures, mouthguard, and Invisalign. Yes, you just need to toss a tablet, and leave rest to lidded bath. Meanwhile, just brush your teeth, and get the cleaned retainer, and dentures within few minutes.

15- Phone & Screen cleaner Sponge:

Available at Amazon for $ 14.95.

We understand how much it seems disgusting when you observe face oil on your phone screen. This cleaning sponge is refillable, and makes it easy for you to wipe out the fingerprints from screen. It is basically a gadget with two sides. Just roll it along the surface after spreading a little amount of solution for cleaning. Then open other end to dispose off everything.

16- Diamond Dazzle Stik:

Available at Amazon for $ 6.67.

It can turn out to be advantageous for you if you brush it on your diamonds, sapphires, emerald and rings made up of other precious gems. It gives sparkle and professional cleaning — all you need to shake the liquid and then lightly brush across the jewelry piece. In no time, you will have everything sparkling in front of your eyes. It is great to use for gold, silver, and stones. We do not recommend it for pearls.

17- A Rubber Wheel:

Available at Amazon for $19.97.

The rubber wheels are specifically designed to install it to your drills. They can easily detach the bumper stickers and also remove the stickers from boats and cars without damaging paint coating. Is not amazing?

18- Weighted pea sponges:

Available at Amazon for $ 6.37.

Pea-sized sponges are easy to use. This is a great invention for the water bottles that are reusable as they will not let them stink again. What you need to do is put them inside the water bottles with hot water and soap and shake them thoroughly.

19- Electronics Brush:

Available at Amazon for $ 4.95.

These are used to sweep away all the dust on different types of gadgets. The brush moves inside the gadget’s body and brush of all the undesirable dirt and dust from every nook and corner.

20- A Hair Brush Tool:

Available at Amazon for $ 6.99.

This is an exceptional tool that will change your brushes back into their original form. This is a product that has a pointed and narrow plastic scraper which is ideal for pulling all the hair from the base of the brush. 

21- Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit:

Available at Amazon for $ 15.97.

It is a brush that can be installed in your drills. There is a high chance that lint is built up inside the vents. If you squeeze out all that lint, then there is a lesser risk of fire and will dry off your clothes quickly. It is an easily accessible DIY product. Just keep this in mind to extend the dryer vent all the way to the dryer vent to completely clear the excessive lint.

22- Paint Touch Up Pens:

Available at Amazon for $ 11.10.

These pens are available in airtight sets for filling up scratches, and various marks that are hard to clean by other means. They are the little syringes that can pull the paint very neatly from the cans. One advantage of this product is that it does not let the paint to dry out completely. Also, these pens can be refilled.

23- Cooktop Cleaning Kit:

Available at Amazon for $ 10.46.

Here comes cooktop cleaning kit, which is a perfect option to clean out the glass stove surfaces. Yes, this kit is available for use and comes with other tools and solutions, like cleaner bottle, razor-like scrapper, and non-scratch scrubber.

24- Tub & Tile Scrubber:

We have with us an amazing tub & tile scrubber which go deep and eliminate grim out of tiles, and all corners of your bathroom. Yes, so now you don’t need to clean your bathrooms with detergents or chemicals, because extendable tool is here for you.

This product at $12.99 can be bought from Amazon and refills are also available for this product at $ 5.99.

25- Fabric Shaver:

Available at Amazon for $ 11.99.

Fabric shaver is all you need to bring your pillows back to their brand new look. Over time, pilling come to the fabric and makes it dull. But worry no more because fabric shaver is here to remove pilling gathering on the fabric, and turn it into new fabric.

26- Headlight Restoration Kit:

Available at Amazon for $10.50.

Headlight restoration kit is a product that can be easily attached to your drills. With this product in hand, you can have crystal-clear headlights back. To use it with simple three steps; masking tape is included in the kit, light-sanding discs which are total ten in number, a form disc, and a wax protectant.

With the help of these products make your life tidier. If you need any of these products just order them on Amazon and bring ease and comfort in your life. This article is especially for all the neat freaks out there.



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