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Everyone wants to look his/her best. There are all sorts of tools tricks and tutorials to help us look amazing. Sometimes we buy products we see on television and help that they’ll do miracles. Most of the time these overpriced products just don’t work and our wallets are left empty.

What if you could look your best without spending a ton of money? There are plenty of beauty tips they could help you used to things that you already have when you’re home. This way you were saving money and you can also improve your what. Most of the time these tricks are simple and you can’t understand a tutorial and actually pull them off.

So next time you find yourself with your hair makeup clothes just think of a way to get around it. a lot of beauty and hair tips and tricks were created because the person didn’t have the time or the money to go out to the store.

We have listed beauty tips that really work. once you learn them, then you will use them quite often. and share these with family and friends everyone deserves to look and feel amazing.

1.Potatoes For Dark Skin.

If you have dark skin under your arms or in other parts of your body you may have tried several expensive remedies. Don’t hide this with concealer or Foundation it simply does not work. Just less a raw potato and rub it on the dark area, it will eventually lighten your skin.

2.Biotin Supplements

Supplements can save a lot of money and really help your body so for healthy skin and nails yet is best to take a biotin supplement daily. Doctors even recommend this to their patients. It’s important to take about 8,000 MCG daily.

3.Use A Silicone Oven Mitt To Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup and makeup brushes are expensive, and if you don’t clean your brushes the bacteria can lead to break out. But cleaning them is such a hassle Before you spend money on a fancy brush cleaner try this hack from your kitchen. Grab a silicone oven mitt trauma run your makeup brushes underwater and then brush against the silicone oven mitts remove the makeup. You can also put baking soda on them just make sure.


Most people think they can only use one facial mask at a time. Save time by applying different areas of the face with different masks. If your face is a combination just use the right mask in that spot. This will save a lot of time and make sure your face gets the treatment it needs.

5.Panty Liner Shadow Shields

panty liners come in handy when you were trying to put eye makeup on. Getting on makeup on your face is very frustrating and is very common. Just cut panty liners into small pieces and stick them under your eyes before you begin your makeup. The liners will stay in place, and we’ll keep the makeup off the rest of your face.

6.Coffee And Sugar Scrub To Help Fight Cellulite

Here’s a great rub that you’ll end up loving mint coffee grounds sugar and coconut oil in a bowl and create a scrub. Now I replied to your cellulite and mix it into your skin where you have these problem areas allow it to sit for 15 minutes and wash it away. You need to repeat this daily to see results. It’s much better than a $60 cream and smells great too.

7.Condition Hair Before Working Out

When working out most of us for hair up, this means it’s a great time to deep condition your hair. The heat from the workout pulls the conditioner deep into your hair and pulling it back make sure that the conditioner doesn’t drop out easily. After you work out the shower and rinse your hair out.

8.Exfoliate Chapped Lips

In cold weather we all tend to get chapped lips. Most of us don’t think of exfoliating our lips. But it’s important to get rid of dead skin cells they’re too. Use a mascara brush that’s disposable to do this job rub the brush over your lips and the dead skin just falls off this will help your lips heal and keep them looking beautiful.

9.Use Baby Oil To Shave

When you need to shave your legs in a hurry and don’t have time to shower, use baby oil acts as your shaving cream does almost so you won’t get razor burn then you can just wipe your legs off when you are finished and be on your way.


10.Conditioner Instead Of Shaving Cream

Most people have been in this situation they’re already in the shower they go to shave, and they are out of shaving cream. That’s okay just use hair conditioner instead it works just like Leaves your skin smooth.

11.Use A Q-Tip To Blend Eyeshadow

If you need to blend eye shadow use a Q-tip pull out the tip to smudge your eye shadow when you’re done you can just toss it in the trash, this is right on the go and saves you from brush plant.

12.Use Liquid Chlorophyll To Stop Hormonal Acne

If you have acne caused by hormones there’s some at home treatments that can help just add liquid to help clean up your skin. Some Hollywood stars swear by this.

13.Keep Makeup Wipes On Your Nightstand

After a very long day or a very long night out you go home lay in bed and just forget to wash your face. You’re too tired to wash your face just can makeup wipes on your nightstand. It removes your makeup so you don’t have blemishes, and you don’t have to get up and wash your face.

14.Easy Lemon Water

Lemon water has excellent flavor. But sometimes you don’t have time to juice a lemon every morning. You can do a bit of prep work the night before you can just pour lemon juice into ice cube trays and freeze them then when you’re headed out. Like magic fresh lemon water.

15.Store Eye Cream In The Refrigerator

If you use eye cream on a daily basis store your cream in the refrigerator. The extra cold will help soothe your eyes and get rid of them Puffiness and dark circles faster. It would just feel a lot better too.

16.Refresh Skin With Green Tea Toner

Winter time can be awful for dry skin. If your skin looks dull and dry give it new wife with green tea toner. Add it to a regular spray bottle and just give your face a spray whenever you need to add color and renew your glowing healthier look.

17.Use Two Pillows To Avoid Puffy Eyes

if you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes maybe you should consider a second pillow. You need to prop your head up with the second pillow. There for you Will wake up without the swelling in your face or the dark circles. A second pillow also helps with circulation in general.

18.Remove Warts With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has so many great uses. A lot of them are kitchen base but there are a lot of beauty remedies to. if you have warts you can use apple cider vinegar to remove them. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and then on the wart and then cover the wart with a bandage and leave on overnight. Lynch this off in the morning repeat this each night until the wart has gone away.

19.Use Vodka To Make Your Razor Last Longer

Razors are expensive. You can make them last a little longer by soaking the blades and vodka. It will clean the razor and just helped make the blades last longer keep a tub of vodka in your shower and store your razor in it. This can save you money over time.

20.Whiten Teeth Quickly

There are a lot of products being sold to whiten your teeth most of them Are expensive and many take weeks to work. You can whiten your teeth just as well with little but to no money at home with lemon juice and baking soda make a paste with the lemon juice and baking soda then apply to your teeth. Leave this mixture on for 2 minutes and then rinse. There you go. whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost.



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